Brass Peppermill-Greece


The original 'Brass Mill' from Greek Alexander Handmade Mills (also known as Atlas), is a beautiful, traditional grinder with a crank and a classic chiseled patterns. This mill is perfect for for salt and pepper, and can be used to grind dried spices as well. The Brass Mill is handmade of solid brass with a material thickness of at least 1 mm and is equipped with a solid, cast grinder that is designed to grind optimally. The 3-part grinding mechanism first guides the pepper/salt/spices down into the mechanism, after which it is coarsely ground and finally completely finely ground. The Alexander Mills are tried and tested products that have been into market since 1977 and they meet high standards of quality and functionality.

  • Made in Greece
  • Please note, brass can be shined after use if that is a preference 
  • 9 1/2" tall x 1 1/2" wide

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