Welcome to Blanche + Mimi, founded in 2007, and named after my grandparents Blanche (known to the family as Ducky) and Mimi (aka Nana). Blanche, who found passion in creating textiles and cooking, and Mimi, an interior designer, inspired me to live well, eat well and enjoy my visual surroundings, whatever they may be. My grandparents both encouraged me to appreciate the unplanned and the unexpected–to welcome whatever the moment brings. We’re not into perfect around here. In fact, B+M has taught me that imperfect little one-offs can make us happy. The off-colored rug or vintage linen, along with life’s basic pleasures as simple as a cozy blanket, make us tick. We (now including my wonderful staff) find beauty in things with a story, objects that are visually interesting and everyday basic necessities that are pleasing to the eye. We love a utilitarian piece and adore unique items that have been created to feel like they belong to us.

The thrill of the hunt keeps us going and being able to share that with you makes it even finer. So here we are, in the Old Port of Portland. Fast forward 17 years, and you’ll find anything from hand-blown glasses all a bit different, to a hand printed pillowcase, to a soap that’s been pressed in a mold thousands of miles away. Please enjoy our collection.


We hope to meet you soon!