Blanche + Mimi & Tensira Africa, Kitchen Hand Towel-B+M EXCLUSIVE


Bring a touch of color and sophistication to your kitchen with our one-of-a-kind kitchen towels. Perfect for everyday use, the more you wash them, the softer they get! A great way to add a custom touch to your kitchen, mix and match for an unexpected design statement.      


At the heart of the Republic of Guinea, West Africa every piece in the Tensira collection comes to life. The brand's workshops have always been rooted in this beautiful country, the source of inspiration for Tuulia and Hamidou (founders and owners of Tensira), who are committed to creating sustainable livelihoods for Guinean artisanal communities. All stages of production, from spinning, weaving and dyeing to sewing, are carried out in Tensira's workshops. A commitment to quality is evident in every weave, creating a unique touch of natural fiber luxury.   

With great admiration for the Tensira brand and artistry, we're thrilled to announce our special collaboration of fine textiles created by Tensira, designed by B+M and the Tensira team. The unsaturated color combinations and striped detailing are meant to evoke a feeling of playfulness; perhaps lounging in a cabana on the French riviera, oceanside on the rocky coast of Maine, or relaxing in sun-drenched places far, far away. Meant to mix and match, and most importantly, be lived with. Wash and wash again, they'll only get better.

  • Designed in Maine and Paris, made in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry (Please note items will shrink slightly when initially washed)
  • 28" L X 20" W



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