Remodelista in Maine

The book is a celebration of life in Maine and a guide to creating a home the Maine way—all with lush original photography. This book is the first Remodelista book dedicated to a particular place—yet it’s a place whose style exemplifies what Remodelista has always been about. Beyond its rocky coast, rugged landscape, and quaint summer towns, Maine life is about rolling up your sleeves and doing things by hand, whether that’s mending a hem or renovating a kitchen. (Mainers, we’ve come to realize, just might be the original DIYers.) Maine style is thrifty, unfussy, inherently eco-friendly, and wholly inspired, and there are endless handed-down bits of know-how to borrow (like keeping a pair of pruners in the glovebox for collecting roadside flowers), whether you love Maine or have never been. Now, more than ever, the state is filled with design-forward places to go and singular homes that are timeless and personal, shaped by generations of summers and winters.

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